Special Guest Speaker at the 11-06 Meeting- Pallavi Awasthi

Pallavi Awasthi will be a guest speaker at our November 6, 2018 meeting.

Research Project on the City-County Managers Leadership

This research project investigates individual and organizational attributes of servant leadership Behavior (SLB) among local government leaders in the United States. Servant identity and moral potency are investigated as individual attributes, and organizational social capital and co-production of public services are investigated as organizational attributes of SL. Service climate serves as the mediating process between servant leadership and organizational attributes. Mixed research methods approach – a survey and a comparative case study analysis is utilized to examine the SL attributes. The survey data is obtained from 67 counties and 410 municipal governments across the State of Florida. Two counties and two municipal governments will be chosen based on the high and low servant leadership behavior scores obtained from the survey to conduct the in-depth case study analysis and comparisons…..read more.

Pallavi Awasthi Brief Bio

Pallavi is a fourth-year Doctoral Candidate in Public Affairs at Florida International University (FIU). She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from FIU and a Master’s in Industrial Relations from India. Prior to joining the PhD program, she worked on a UNDP sponsored research on Leadership Development in Indian Civil Service and Center for Leadership at Indian School of Business (ISB). Her doctoral research work centers around examining servant leadership among local government administrators. City-County governments in the State of Florida form the empirical basis of her dissertation research. Pallavi is particularly interested in developing new tools and methods for servant leadership development among local government administrators. Pallavi spent most of her childhood in a village in rural part of North India, where she faced financial constraints and gender discrimination to pursue education. Pallavi’s interest in servant leadership research and development is borne out of her personal background and her research on leadership in Indian Civil Service. Post completion of her doctoral studies, Pallavi intends to establish a public service leadership research center. The center will drive the vision to integrate wisdom of East and West on servant leadership development.


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